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Engineering Commissioning Test
Engineering Testing and Verification Center
Engineering Testing and Verification Center has a number of validation consulting experts who have rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry. They are proficient in professional verification work such as domestic GMP, EU GMP, and FDA consultation, verification and data production. They also possess cutting-edge information on pharmaceutical verification and The latest policy to establish a strong database of information and documents template; at the same time with the commissioning and testing experience and professional skills of senior professional and technical personnel and advanced testing equipment, with industry-leading debugging technology, engineering debugging has outstanding advantages.
Ability Review
1. Competency review:1) Clean Room Test: System Balance, Air Leakage, DOP Leakage, Air Volume, Differential Pressure, Cleanliness, Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Illuminance, Bacterioplankton and Settling Bacteria, Spectrum, Ultraviolet, Micro Vibration, Airflow Organization, Ozone Content.
2. Exhaust system testing: air leakage, exhaust volume, wind speed, motor speed, fan head, performance curve, air volume balance.
3. Ultrapure medium pipe: dew point test, water conductivity, oil test.
4. Static electricity, conductive performance test: surface static electricity, volume resistance, system grounding, leakage resistance.
5. High-voltage electrical test: DC resistance, AC-DC voltage withstand test, variable ratio test, grounding resistance.

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