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Facilities Operation and Management Security Services

I.Process equipment installation and secondary distribution

Equipment installation in place, equipment air supply and exhaust ducts, process and material pipelines, water / gas / steam utility pipelines, equipment secondary power distribution, industrial control system integration, etc.

II.Clean pipe work

Vacuum, air pressure, purified water, water for injection, pure steam, process materials and other clean pipeline systems, full-automatic track welding of sus304/316l stainless steel ba/ep pipes, and clean PVC pipe construction.

III.Intelligent and automatic control engineering

Industrial automatic control projects such as environmental control and production process control; Integrated wiring, network, monitoring, conference, all-in-one card, energy billing, Ba, computer room, system integration and other intelligent projects.

IV.Waste water and gas engineering

Collection, transfer, treatment and discharge of industrial production wastewater and waste gas.

V.Facility operation and maintenance management

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